Le PONT - Sri Petaling -

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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Le Pont means a bridge. “We have built too many walls but not enough bridges”. To represent this phrase was our main concept. While gicing a huge triangle shaped void in the middle of the space, we concerned how we connect each space and people physically, visually, and meaningfully. At the entrance, you may find a big white bridge and staircases in the void. You will all see all contents such as bakery, lounge, coffee bar, and restaurant, are placed and connected by surrounding the bridge and staircases. Rather than dividing the areas with partitions, we arranged seating layout and provided an open space through the 1st & 2nd floor; we expected spontaneous communications between customers by letting them face to each other. No walls but a bridge. This is a place to connect and to share; to share a space and a time may make people connected to each other.


KAMIO DESIGN, ICHII CORPORATION has been established by TAKUJI KAMIO in 2007. They provide interior and architecture design services especially on commercial and residential fields. Have won several design awards including international competitions.

TAKUJI KAMIO: graduated from the University of Kansas, School of Architecture. After architecture and interior design careers in top Japanese firms, he started KAMIO DESIGN WORKS in 2003 to expand his own design fields. In 2007 established KAMIO DESIGN, ICHII CORPORATION.