ZEEQ Smart Pillow

Lead Designer
ClientWarrick Bell
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

ZEEQ Smart Pillow combines music, tracking and anti-
snore technology to change the way you sleep. Featuring
adjustable memory foam fill and a high-quality
encasement made with moisture-wicking Tencel™
botanic fiber, this memory foam pillow combines
technology and comfort for better sleep, night after

• Stops Snoring – Detects snoring and vibrates, urging
user to change position leading to more partner-friendly
• Streams Music – Wirelessly plays audio from multiple
apps via 8 internal speakers. Sound is evenly dispersed
throughout the pillow
• Tracks Sleep – Tracks both motion and sound via built-
in sensors, and provides a detailed daily report of
restfulness, sleep duration and snoring
• Smart Alarm – Alarm function adjusts wake-up time to
suit your sleep cycle for higher morning energy levels
and less grogginess
• Adjustable Comfort – Adjustable memory foam fill with
Tencel™ enclosure allows you to customize firmness and
fill area to best suit you


REM-Fit designs and manufactures sleep technology including cooling mattresses, innovative bedding and the ZEEQ Smart Pillow. Built to change the way you sleep, ZEEQ streams music and audio from smart devices, tracks motion and sound via multiple sensors, and even helps put a stop to snoring with Snore Alarm.