The Wizard's Cookbook

Lead DesignerBonnelycke mdd
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Books
Entry Description

Mr Ronny Emborg is one the most famous chefs in Denmark and a star on the international culinary scene. He is highly respected for his strong technical ability and his extra-ordinary visual style, which makes guests wonder if what they are presented with is food or art. Hence his nickname – The Wizard.
At the same time the recipes were invented, tested and worked into perfection by Ronny Emborg, we designed the iconic ‘R’ logo, the special layout for the recipies, laid out the graphic style, found the paper for the pages and the material for the cover, rendered the backgrounds and a couple of other things … Then finally we kick started “the-magic-graphic-stick”, twirled a couple of times (or a bit more), and were able to hand over the whole thing to the printer.
The Wizard's Cookbook won 3 prizes at the Gourmand Awards.


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