FFB Photobooth

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We design this Photobooth with a clear premise: make it portable, light and durable. These 3 aspects won’t retrain us to make it looking good and customizable.

Our machines are easy to use and reduce the high costs of business operation. The general structure is manufactured in aluminum which makes the work of assembling and dismantling, as well as transportation much easier. Our machine can be assembled and operated by just one person and transported easily in a small car.

We have kept in mind all the aspects that we think a machine with these characteristics should have in order to be attractive to consumers: easy for personnel to operate and, at the same time, adaptable to different environments always maintaining an attractive design.

Is multipurpose, it adapts to business operators, whatever their preferences may be. It is ready to house webcams as well as DSLR, continuous light with LEDs or independent flash.


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