Bionomics Kitchen Cutlery

Lead DesignerHenry Haneda
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Bionomics Kitchen Cutlery is not like other ergonomic cutlery. It is a revolutionary design that works to save the entire body from the stress of cutting, chopping and slicing. The difference in this cutlery is found in the patented humpback grip. The grip is bionomically designed with an egg-shaped bulge that provides support solutions.

The special Bionomics Grip palming method supports the dent in the palm of your hand allowing you a secure griping angle that is a natural state. It supports your hand and arm in an effective posture to minimize muscle stress and fatigue. You can maintain a stable grip all day long. This knife can prevent injuries and reduce wrist strain even when used for many years. 


Founded in 1972 by Henry Haneda, Haneda is a leading ergonomics designer in Japan. We provide innovative design, product design and brand strategy for AST, TELEWAY, SHIMANO, MITSUBISHI and some of the world leading companies.

Haneda move to USA in 1992. Aka, he is a legendary Composite Rod Designer.