CompanyDagmara Oliwa, Anita Luniak.
Lead DesignerDagmara Oliwa
Prize(s)2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

On the vast plain of the Silesian Lowlands, one magical mountain stands alone, covered in fog of mystery and towering over the picturesque town of Sobótka.
It is here, amidst the extraordinary nature and legendary location, that the Crab Houses complex, a research center for new technologies, is planned to be. This unusual place brings together both scientists and artists.
The shape of the pavilions is inspired by the sea crabs entering the rippling sea of grass. They will be illuminated at night resembling fireflies hovering over the town.
The complex of three futuristic pavilions located on the meadows coming up to the summit of Wieżyca is intended to be a link between the urban tissue and the natural environment. The Crab Houses will include a research lab - a workshop and two residential buildings. The complex is meant to bring together inhabitants of Sobótka and creative people, giving them a chance to revitalize the town.


Dagmara Oliwa is a Polish architect and designer, the owner of the brand FORMA CAPRICHOSA. She studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Wrocław as well as at SKIBA school where she specialized in dance. Dagmara Oliwa is an architect with over 20 years of experience, who has never lost her passion for her profession. Design is for her a form of self-expression and provides immortality of our ideas. It reaches everyone, because it surrounds us in everyday life. Now it is hard for her to imagine herself performing any other profession. She draws poetics from the sources, nature-based organicity, and build on the achievements of modern technology and new materials, operating light, subtle forms, but not devoid of dynamics...