Lim’s Sennett Residence

CompanyHottoh Design Pte Ltd
Lead DesignerMervyn Toh
ClientMervyn Toh
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

An existing 1980’s 3-storey terrace is given an update to its
interior design and an overhaul. Additions and Alterations of
architectural and structural designs are done to enlarge
usable areas of this dwelling. Interior space-planning is
achieved on every floor to fulfil and fit new lifestyle and
needs of all residents. The architectural exterior is
modernized with glass canopy at patio and changes to main
door and driveway for safety reasons. A modern luxury
theme inside, with interesting mix of varying unique themes
for every member’s bathroom. A carefully space-planned
dining area and dry kitchen are now divided by see-through
glass doors, breaking the boundary of usual walled-up
kitchens, for more natural light and better ventilation. A
newly constructed attic accessible only from master room
added as private sanctuary for family time and relaxation
space. Abode is now fully space-optimized and updated with
personal space and identity for everyone.


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