The Times Transplantation Building

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Entry Description

Sanno apartment was completed in 1967.Since 1967, this room has not been renovated.
This room has been renovated only after 45 years.
This room, which was completed in 1967, is a Japanese style.Resection of the part of the Japanese-style room, I transplanted the new style in 2012.Design concept is that the coexistence of two styles of different eras.My intention is to make the birth of the room with a new value.I believe that the use of Japanese-style room, which was completed in 1967, transplanted a new design, and can be given a new value in this room.
It seemed as if value was lost in 1967 by remix of design effect that different times stand in line, new values like a new story were produced.
Paralleling of the world of 1967 and 2012, different times and design are born as combination of different times of the space.