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Shenzhen Zhongzhou•π mall

Company Jiang & Associates Creative Design
Lead DesignersJiang Feng
ClientFeng Jiang
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Commercial
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The project is located across the Lingzhi Park, and J&A
includes the natural and ecological environment of the park
into the project design, bringing the contour lines on the
topographic map into the space design of the shopping mall
as a design philosophy. The dynamic curves help to guide
consumers to move in the space. The designer applies such
natural elements as leaves, butterflies and birds into the
mall as decoration, seamlessly connecting the commercial
space and the life space. As a result, the indoor and the
outdoor scenery interact with each other, offering a
pleasant shopping experience, which in turn creates a
shopping center with a densely natural and relaxing