Yakiniku Restaurant NIKUNOTORIKO

Lead DesignerRyoji Iedokoro
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Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

BBQ is something that gives people to gather with special friends and enjoy the moment in nature. That also enriches our lives with full of memory.
Refreshing feelings in outdoor and comfortable space which BBQ brings might have connections with our ancient life style, that people hunt for food and eat in nature to survive. This design reminds us being around trees on a riverside and spending time in caves to avoid rain and wind. Not only the visual design image, but also emotive experience inspires and is vividly retained in our memory.
The 1st floor cave has a shape that provokes our desire to touch.
Next floor, planting steel pipes formed as trees with hooks imitating branches, where jackets and bags can brighten colors like flowers as well as keeping privacy in space. Plate thickness of floor layers represents contour of its land which is made of OSB panels to create natural stepping.


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