Chunga playground

Lead DesignerOle Barslund Nielsen
Prize(s)3rd Place in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
Entry Description

Have you ever wondered or had a dream that you suddenly were in the savannah and tried to run from a lion? The playground frames that scenario by its wooden structures of a landscape of high grass, leaves, a tower, safari vehicles and the gigantic lion, who is hiding in the high grass waiting for the visitors to arrive.

In Odense zoo there is a lion called Chunga. He is dangerous animal safely guarded by a fence.
The playground changes that perspective of the zoo. The visitors become actors instead of audience. By the size of the play elements the visitors are caught in a universe that is hard not to be captivated by. The view has changed from standing outside the fence trying to get a glimpse of the lions to become pray and end in his stomach.


MONSTRUM creates thematic playgrounds that fascinates and inspires both adults and children. All of our playground equipment is handmade of wood in our workshop in Hvidovre. Our skilled craftsmen and designers work closely together throughout the process to ensure that our playgrounds and playground equipments are fun, safe and unique.

With a background in art and design we make playground equipment that not only can be climbed on, rutsjes down or being swung in, but are able to get in the game by being a space where there is room for imagination.

MONSTRUM believes that good playgrounds reflect world. Children should be allowed to experience the danger and feel the rush of the stomach, which are involved when you take a chance and luckily lands well on his feet. But the motor challenge must of course take place in a secure framework.

Why play on a jungle gym if you can play in a moon rocket, a submarine, a giant snail shell, a clown's head or a Trojan horse?