ani ani

UniversityAtlantic International University
Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Haute Couture / Women_HC
Entry Description

I first heard about sustainable fashion design through wood Tobe-Coburn school. I debuted my first sustainable collection for my graduation project, where I recycled textile waste from several garment factories to make my collection. I now put more thought into recycling and reducing waste through various fabric cutting techniques.

As a designer witnessing our earth’s resources rapidly diminishing and the increasing amount of textile waste discarded day-by-day, I’ve become very motivated to utilize every piece of textile in my creations. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to give a new life to previously discarded textiles. It all started when I saw the waste from a clothing label vendor. I took some of the unwanted labels home and weaved them into a fabric. During the weaving process, I was reminded of the legend of Mulan, a woman warrior who was known for being strong and feminine at the outside of her.


BA fashion design student

Awards and Prize

IDA 2016, Honorable Mention
IDA 2016, Silver