Lead DesignerYasumichi Morita
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Renovation
Entry Description

This building was built by a master of constructing Japanese traditional houses and tea-rooms.He beautifully completed this in his original way and we believe we have to preserve what he achieved to respect his philosophy and we kept such parts as much as possible.
We arranged stylish elements to match Japanese four seasons and tried to fuse Japanese and Western designs: We use gray stone and granite for bathtubs and washbasins. We use natural stones where the skin touch directly.
The location influenced our design so as to keep the view as minimum as only sky and ocean, so we designed the black tile pool for the rooftop of the extension building to unite the sky and the sea. Additionally we produce more unusual and dramatic time by aligning the flames against water.


Yasumichi Morita
Designer / CEO of GLAMOROUS co., ltd.

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1967.

Since starting with a project in Hong Kong in 2001, he has successfully broadened his appeal to New York, London, Paris, Doha and other major cities. He has also enthusiastically been expanding his career as a designer displaying his talents across a wide variety of graphics and products.

His works include "ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur" based on the concept of Cool Japan in 2016, which has received high praise. In 2013 his first monograph "GLAMOROUS PHILOSOPHY NO.1" was published by PARCO Publishing. He has branched out as an artist and his solo photo exhibition “Porcelain Nude” has been annually held in Paris since 2015, which received high praise.