Lead DesignerDongdao
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Yi nationality is the sixth largest ethnic minority in China, also known as the ‘Lolo’. The ‘Western Yi’ (Western Yunnan, China) have experienced a long history of reserving ancient civilizations. The Chinese government has proclaimed and pledged to rejuvenize of the ethnic minority cultures. To support this initiative, we successfully integrated traditional elements of the Yi nationality and applied ethnic cultural features to modern products. Moreover, we withdraw key elements of the ‘Sacred Pheonix’ and the ‘Tiger Teeth’ from traditional patterns, and subtly applied them as the fundamental theme in modern products.


Founded in 1997 and with the belief of "Focus.Insight", Dongdao is China's largest brand consulting company and the constructor of comprehensive brand system. Dongdao has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yunnan and Shandong, also agencies in Milan, Munich and Manheim.
Fabian ever studied Political Science at renowned University of California Berkeley in the United States, worked at Press & Public Affairs Office of the European Union office in Washington D.C., and Los Angeles Superior Court

Awards and Prize

Since 2013, Dongdao has won 20 Good Design Australia awards, 48 Good Design Chicago awards, 13 Reddot awards, 9 Design for Asia awards, 23 German Design Awards, 23 Golden pin Design Awards, 26 iF awards, 44 A'Design Award & Competition, and 21 IDA awards.