Everyone Branding

CompanyVivid Obsession Group Pty Ltd
Lead DesignerRay Bisschop
ClientMichael Tomkinson
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

The client approached us about creating a brand for their
charity organisation. The design needed to challenge
preconceived notions that people have of the identities
of charitable organisations.


VO Group stands for Vivid Obsession Group, from our name right through to our smallest projects we show an immense passion for what we do. We have judiciously assembled a team of leading experts who not only strive for perfection but achieve perfection with everything they accomplish for every client. It’s becoming apparent that all businesses, great and small, are needing more all-round marketing and professional graphics to stand out in such a noisy business world crawling with competitors. This is where VO Group acknowledges all business from public listed companies to local start-up businesses and assist their needs with a team who can achieve their desired business goals, smoothly and under one roof.

VO Group is a leader in the creative industry thanks to cutting edge designers with a dynamic attitude. We understand that design is an imperative aspect to ensure businesses not only compete with their competitors but crush the competition by relaying messages to their consumer with clarity and power.

By ensuring all business needs are met under one roof, this process cuts costs for businesses creating a cost effective solution. VO Group is providing business with more time and money to focus on the aspects of the business they know best, whilst feeling confident the image of their business is meeting the goals they have set.

With one phone call, their company could be the next “big thing”, their logo be the “buzz word” of the year and their brand can be put on an international platform and become world-renowned. This is the success VO Group aspires to each time a client walks through our doors.