2017 Auburn Graphic Design Juried Student Show

Lead DesignerCourtney Windham
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This limited edition 20 x 26" hand-printed silk screen poster advertises the 2017 Auburn University Graphic Design Spring Juried Student Show to students, faculty, and the design community in and around Auburn, Alabama. The design is inspired by the beauty of spring time and the renewed feeling of energy and ideas that come with the beginning of a new season. The luminous metallic gold ink on vibrant blue paper further supports the design concept.

The illustration in the poster was developed using several techniques. It was created using both collage and painting by Courtney Windham. The collage pieces were collected from repurposed magazines, books and old calendars. The flowers were painted by hand with ink. Once the artwork was complete, it was scanned and combined with typography to communicate the event details. The final 40 posters were hand printed by Courtney and Jerrod Windham in their home studio.