Cinco Sentidos  

UniversitySavannah College of Art and Design
Lead Designer
ClientMaria Jarrin
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

“Cinco Sentidos” is 18”x24” watercolor painting based
on the abstracted vision of human experiences in
public spaces of downtown Savannah.  The word
“Derive” is originally old French; it means to trace from
a source of origin. The purpose of this assignment was
to experience Savannah in a distinct way instead of
how you would typically do when pursuing daily
activities.  Every classmate was assigned to follow a
derive, or a path through Savannah with a direct
purpose. I focused on the five senses and how it would
lead me to understand the occupancy of public spaces.
My stroll began in River St. because I believe it is the
most active public space that evokes all five human
senses in a single location. The walk continued all the
way through five squares in downtown Savannah
including Wright, Elis, Johnson, and more.