Chattanooga Culinary Institute

UniversitySavannah College of Art and Design
Lead Designer
ClientBim Sueb-Ai
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Chattanooga Culinary Institute (CCI) is a culinary
institute and restaurant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
CCI will be the sharing passage where students and
the public interact and communicate through “new
south cuisine.”

The objective is to design a Culinary Institution with
restaurant that will define the “New South” culture
focused on tradition and innovation of southern
cuisine. Program includes: teaching kitchen,
classrooms, multi-purpose space, administration
offices, food storage, industrial kitchen, restaurant,
student apartments, and greenhouse. 

This site presents us with some challenges and
opportunities. The site is split into 3 landing points
due to the service road to allow access to the adjacent
apartment complex. The approach to solve the critical
disconnection between the building plans and design
is to gradually raise platforms and paths to correspond
to the steep slope and at the same time provide a
proper clearance for service trucks and everyday