Lead DesignerMelissa Wu
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Catalogs
Entry Description

Project with Contemporary Chinese ink artist Wang TinXin will showcase representative works from her thematic pieces in her first solo exhibition “Jian Xian” in Hong Kong.
Favouring black Xuan paper as her painting medium, the artist believes this opens a realm of imagination and creativity for her. The presence of gold colour is also found in many of her paintings, in which she considered the shade as the best depiction of light.
The design is with dark paper and gold paint.


Melissa Wu Creative director. Strategically-focused creative design with 15+ years of verifiable successes developing highly effective marketing, advertising and promotion campaigns, programs and materials that capture the attention of target audiences and effectively convey key messages. Polished and engaging professional who immediately establishes affinity with clients from all industries and backgrounds. Adept at understanding client needs and generating innovative concepts aligned with their core values and goals. Collaborative team leader with a knack for recognizing and encouraging talent, steers teams to deliver top quality results on time and within budget. Offers extensive practical experience in all media and in multiple languages.