Bamboo house

Lead DesignerLi Baohua
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

It’s a health meditation club located in the center of Jingdezhen, and it is divided into three parts of tea house, moxibustion, and vegetarian meal to provide the physical and mental therapies such as tea drinking, visitor receiving, and moxibustion,the customers could relax themselves and purify their souls here.
The space design is for the target of customer admiration, tea and wormwood tasting, self-cultivation, earthiness and nature, and constructs the space artistic conceptions of classicality, earthiness, elegance, and seclusion. During the design progress, it makes full consideration of the continuity and inheritance for the traditional cultures under the large background of the rapid development of urbanization in China.In this design, it designs with the awe for the nature, and treasures everything endowed by the nature, and keeps the space in a consistent process of change through the combinations of the natural lighting and indoor lighting, indoors and outdoors, buildings and environment.