Navdy - Augmented Driving Experience

Lead DesignerJesse Madsen
ClientJesse Madsen
Prize(s)2nd Place in Transportation / Vehicle accessories
Entry Description

Navdy is the first driving device that leverages AR
technology to project smartphone and car
information including maps, calls, texts, music,
calendars, fuel levels, etc., directly in the driver’s line of
sight, for a safer and better driving experience. Its small
form factor has an advanced optical system that projects
this information into the distance, as if it’s floating over
the road, allowing driver’s to look forward while staying
connected. Navdy’s display is clear in any light of day
(40x brighter than an iPhone), even when driving into the
sun. It’s controlled through simple hand gestures and a
specially engineered steering wheel dial that was
designed for ease-of-use to navigate the UI. Navdy was
designed to fit seamlessly in the car you already own,
and its IR reflective matte finish was engineered so Navdy
can work in any extreme environment. Navdy
fundamentally changes how drivers interact with useful
information while driving.