Residence of Hsieh

Lead DesignerYu Wei Lin
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This narrow and long attached townhouse is deprived of natural light in the center of the dwelling. Aside from not having enough light, too much space had been given over to passageways, the flow of movement wasn’t meeting everyday needs and an inadequate amount of storage space were all issues that had to be overcome.

Destruction is the prelude to renovation. After taking out a wall, more usable space was created from the passageways in front of the stairs on each floor. The wall was then replaced with a glass and ironwork partition, allowing natural light into the rooms.What had been an aging townhouse soon became a totally brand new home.

Winding gray ironwork extends upward to connect the soul of all five floors of the townhouse in one fell swoop. The custom-made gray handrail ironwork sometimes bends and folds, while other times it is higher or lower or combines with a partition.