A Place of Different Styles and for Relaxation

Lead DesignerFu-Han Tsai
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The quality cypress sandblasting has been the main part of the exterior. By including the geometric elements of Piet Cornelies Mondrian, the designer applies this skill to conthe main wall and door slats. In the meantime, the lighting has been highlighting the geometric style and bright quality, the skills successfully creating a warm space with litheness. The irregular rectangular can be seen when designing the metallic artwork in the dining room. When demonstrating the consistency for vertical walls, the designer introduces the lighting without difficulty by fretwork, which creates the power of vision in visual and real space. By using the consistent design, different materials, geometric shapes, and both visual and reality in this house, the designer endows unique characteristic for different space and presents the appropriate space quality in abundant details.


Tianching Spatial Design Co., Ltd.