Lead DesignerRonn Lee
ClientLinz Lim
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Print Editorial
Entry Description

Inspired by the traditional bamboo steamer, a circular
box is designed with a contemporary touch to present
the title of the notebook within. Upon lifting the lid of
the box, an array of 12 customized crystal magnets
capture one’s attention as they sit in a circular fashion
on the top tier.

Matching infographics provides detailed introduction and
pronunciation of each of the 12 “Bao” (which means
“Buns” in Mandarin) in the notebook enclosed, whereas
dotted pages encourage self-documentation. This also
serves as a handbook for foreigners to learn and make
their own notes as they explore the wonders of the
Chinese language and its staple food culture.

Pantone Neon Yellow and Spotuv is used to highlight
certain text and infographics, giving it more emphasis
and vivacity.


Ronn has more than 17 years of knowledge and expertise in leading branding programmes across Food and Beverage, Arts and Culture, Real Estate and Hospitality sectors. Ronn has won both Chinese and International design awards including the coveted Most Successful Design Awards – China and International Red Dot Design. An avid book lover, Ronn has published books and her works have been featured in design publications and exhibitions throughout the world.