Cello Brand Identity System

CompanyBoxer Brand Design
Lead Designer
ClientJolly Hanspal
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The largest importer-manufacturer of Italian hard
cheeses in the U.S., Schuman Cheese partnered with
Boxer to reinvent their flagship brand, Cello to extend its
distribution. Boxer hinged their design with a re-
positioning from the point-of-view of the Cheese Lover
in a category full of "Cheese Maker" stories based on
family craft, and heritage. This was embodied in a bold,
flourishing brand mark expressing the Joy of Cheese and
a design system that utilized color to cue cheese type,
making what was shopping a difficult, commoditized
category of hard white cheeses that essentially look the
same easier. To ultimately support the proposition,
Boxer implemented transparent film labels allowed
consumers to view the cheese supporting a key food
trend in consumers' needs for transparency and purity.


Boxer is best known for being the packaging AOR for McDonald’s worldwide for the past 13 years.
We are a global brand design firm specializing in all elements of branding and packaging, which includes new product development, brand creation (strategy, naming, logo), and delivery (packaging production and mock-ups, marketing materials, websites).  
We believe branding is a business tool so whether we are creating new brands or "dusting off" old ones, we deliver "design that works" to further our client's business goals.
Boxer is unique in that we approach brands in graphic and technical terms, so a brand manifests not only in the look&feel of graphics (2-D) but in the form&function of structure (3-D).  We call this Holistic Packaging by DesignTM founded on that principle.
We look forward to creating "Design that works" for you.

Boxer is part of HAVI, an international packaging firm, based in Chicago USA and London UK.