Vera & William

Lead DesignerAnne Cecilie Rinde
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Prize(s)1st Place in Apparel Category / Underwear
Entry Description

The philosophy of Vera & William is to create authentic pieces from the lost days. A time when clothes had a function, stayed in fashion and lasted for generations. It's all about the diligent craft and the dignity of an honest work. Garments to love, care for and wort repairing. A silent performance about taking back time and reach out the message of real consciousness and true sustainability. I believe that smaller, independent brands really can make that change in the long run. By slowing it all down, create from the heart, implement some awareness and getting through for consumers to really take a stand". All productions take place in local "slow-fashion" hubs in Northern Italy. We are not producing for the masses, but for a niche that knows how to value honest, solid and durable craftsmanship and high quality fibres. Travel light with functional, durable and timeless comfort from Vera&William.


The Vera & William Brand is the brainchild of the Norwegian Fashion Designer and Modelist Anne Cecilie Rinde. She graduated from Esmod International in 1997 and has her background within trend, clothing and interior. Ethics and integrity within the textile-industry has been her core mission throughout all her career. She believes that the world needs a wake-up call regarding our lack of moderation and awareness, missing human responsibility and lost values - especially within a global, cynical and trendsetting fashion-industry. She is convinced that the key to solution is clever designs, transparent chains of values and circular systems. Her collections are all limited editions produced with all rights through her own design company in close cooperating with high-end Italian manufactures and suppliers.