Cang Cyan,Cang Green and Cang Red

Lead DesignerMao Ming
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Brand and logo design for the Inn with themes of “Cang Cyan” ,“Cang Green” and ”Cang Red”
The theme of the inn corresponds to three service levels, "luxury, deluxe and comfort", and are labeled as: “Cang Cyan” “Cang Green” and ”Cang Red”. “Cang” here means "collection" or "hideout", which originates from Chinese ancient poetries. The “Cang” series possess a touch of the eastern romantic and classical era, and are designed to convey the idea of a seclusion offering from the inn in a big noisy city.
The vertical lines in the logo represent abstract architectural structures, these thin lines elevate to form a concise shape, like being stretched out of the window. The images of water lines, bamboo, and plum flower are used respectively in the logos of “Cang Cyan”, “Cang Green” and “Cang Red”, showing the veiled and obscured beauty prevailing in Eastern styles which are visually fashionable with a taste of


Lecturer, Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College, china.