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Lead Designersgabriela chelsoi
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

When developing the caterpillar design the central task was to create a visual image of both strong and refine origin. The entire package and brand image was made with one character in mind – the monarch butterfly caterpillar. The stylistics, typography and design are all celebrating the developing character of this creature. The package is orientated on the duality of the caterpillar – both negative, as a caterpillar, and positive, when transformed into a butterfly. The letters from the logo are also suggesting this duality – putting accent on the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. The luxurious embossed logo on the deep blue aluminum simply invites you to enjoy and discover what’s inside. The embossed effect is giving depth and stability to the whole graphical composition. The can design is addressing the very core of minimalism by presenting on the front of the package only this elegant presence - the caterpillar logo.