City Point

Lead DesignerChiu Chi Ming Danny
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Urbanized home

Urban landscapes outside the window of the 714 square
feet apartment has given inspiration of the design. In order
to bring an urban language, the predominant colors are in
deep tone and highlighted by multiple sources of light to
create splendid visual effects and atmosphere.

In addition, by adopting mosaic, abstract paintings, as well
as curtain with digital print, images of a dense city are
added to the interiors. Scenery of the hectic urban city is
thereby ‘extended’ to the living space, characterized the
project by a metropolitan theme.

Apart from decorative elements, spatial planning is also an
essential part. Particularly focusing on functionality and
optimize space efficiency, every inch of the flat has been
fully utilized. Finally, the outcome is a stylish and luxurious
home capable of accommodating up to seven people to
sleep over.


Danny Chiu,a professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association,obtained a Diploma in Interior and Environmental Design from the Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts in 1998. After graduation,Danny worked in several internationally renowned design firms to earn experience.Later in 2009,he established the company Danny Chiu Interior Designs develop his own business.

Danny's living philosophy “Enjoy Your Design Life” has totally reflected on his work. He believes a design is regarded as successful only when it brings enjoyment to the user,and so does the designer.

Awards and Prize

Over the past 20 years, Danny has created numerous outstanding works in different interior design categories and has successfully received acclamation over the world, included the IDA International Design Award (USA), Successful Design Award (China), Golden Bund Award (China), K-design Award (Korea), International Property Awards (England) and A-Design Award (Italy) etc.

Some of his works were published by some influential interior design magazines and newspaper in Hong Kong. Those designs were also broadcasted on TV programs and received positive reflection from the society. In recent years, Danny started to act as a judge for some interior design competitions, giving guidance and help to new designers. In 2017, he has been invited to be a judge member for the K- design Award in Korea. Additionally, Danny is also an active member of the charitable institution, International Rotary Club, devoting himself to serve the community.

Awards and Prize List:
1. Best Interior Design Private Residence Hong Kong -U.K-Asia Pacific Property Award 2017 ( Living Space )
2. Silver -Italy A'Design Award 2017 ( Living Space )
3. Bronze -Italy A'Design Award 2017 ( Office Space )
4. Silver Mention -IDA International Design Award 2017 (Living Space)
5. Honorable Mention -IDA International Design Award 2017 (Office Space)
6. IB Design Excellence Award 2017 ( Living Space )
7. Modern Home Prominent Interior Designer 2017 (Living Space)
8. Honorable Mention -IDA International Design Award 2016 ( Living Space )
9. Korea K-Design Award 2016 ( Office Space )
10. IAI Design Award 2016 – China ( Living Space )
11. Golden Bund Award By Interior Design Magazine China 2016 ( Living Space )
12. Honorable Mention -IDA International Design Award 2015 (Office Space)
13. Successful Design Award (China) 2014 ( Living Space )
14. SquareFoot Top Ten Interior Designers Award 2014( Living Space )