CUTOUT Magazine

Lead DesignerJay Lim
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Print Editorial
Entry Description

CUTOUT is the leading independent graphic design magazine in Malaysia since 2010,
covering scopes as wide as South East Asia. CUTOUT derives contents from current issues with contributions from designers, which ultimately open many doors for dialogues about design.

CUTOUT fulfills its responsibilities as a media, while uplifting the local design community by encouraging exchange of thoughts and ideas amongst designers, and showcasing their talents inside the magazine.


As Jay’s passion lies greatly in graphic design and teaching, he finds himself falling in love with design magazines over & over again, so he created his first design magazine - called CUTOUT Magazine- in 2010. He was among the 20 Young Malaysian Designers handpicked by masters in the design industry under the ANTALIS 102030 programme. Later on, he was featured as one of 30 Young Asian Designers at the Creative Expo Taiwan in 2015. He has won awards from "Flexibility" International Brand Design Awards 2016, Red Dot Design Award 2015, Hong Kong DFA 2015, and Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award 2014. His works have been published in the Asia Pacific Design 11, GALLERY and CTA VOL: 02 to name a few. Often invited to many international design events as a speaker and judge, he is also a visiting professor at Kun Shan University in Taiwan.