BASIC OBJECT OF KNOWLEDGE [B.O.O.K.]: The Contemporary Book and its Model

Lead DesignerDanne Ojeda, Outofstock
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This is an exhibition that concentrates
on the book as a concept and
the book as a medium. In this scenario,
both, final design outcomes as well as its
prototyping processes are particularly
meaningful. The installation re-enacts the
process of designing, i.e., the way a book
page layout is designed. Therefore, all
elements in the exhibition design refer to
page and layout hierarchy and composition
in the installation space. All books
and its book prototypes are exhibited
as if they would be part of a layout of a
large book page. The table that presents
the books exhibited — which was custom
made for this exhibition — is shaped as a
large unfolded sheet of paper or brochure
that appears almost floating in the air.
The audience/reader contributes to re-arrange the books in the table-page layout with their reading,
browsing and general bodily interactions.
In this manner, the audience/reader
is considered as an active co-creator and
as an important collaborator in the redesign
of the exhibition space.



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