Ink Play

Lead DesignerSamson Wong
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The family’s love of calligraphy is central to the artistic ambience of the home. Traditional xuan paper designs dramatically cover the main ceiling and walls in the dining and living room areas while Chinese calligraphy blossoms with exquisite light pink plum flowers, simple white furniture and natural textures. Colours are mixed in with splashes of ink creating an ultra-modern 3D freehand brushwork and a playful harmony with script and style.

The giant yet refined over-10-metres scroll reminds people of inner strength and the lofty demeanor of ancient scholars. Light troughs serve as the key light and dark frame of the drawing while casting a gentle glow all over the bold design. Living in the masterpiece is truly a calligraphy aficionado’s dream-come-true, celebrated here is the vitality of life, profound essence of qi, and hope that life will regenerate.