Metallic Ocean Myth

Lead DesignerSamson Wong
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The spacious living space is made by joining the original smaller living and dining rooms into one larger open area. The room is stunning in blue and gold with a low-slung sofa inviting people to lounge and slip off into the blue. To add to this glamour, a smooth wavy copper gold partition now has the pride of place in the central living area. Its delicate curves create the feeling of dynamic motion like the waves of blue ocean upon a sandy beach.

Copper gold can look marvelous against navy blue in a non-kitsch way. Like a stunning levitating sculpture, the partition lets the air flow effortlessly through its signature infinity-symbol-shaped gap at eye level. To balance the color palette, walls and loose furniture stay simple in white with a dash of decorative details to reflect the soft daylight which bathes the rooms in a calm natural glow.