zebar HK

Lead DesignerShin Ng & Mo Wong
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Beer pong is a hot style for new entertainment nowadays.

The Zebar,cooperating the business of partnership.Our client gave a more flexibly to us for new design approach. The project were challenging the consideration of internal building like rectangle-shape floor plan, high-height facade and internal space.But aside for impression of approach,it had a lot of problem which need to solving.

How to interacted our user and staff must the main point of view for this spacing.

The lighting and spacing planning were an important part for client and user. We combined the old-type iron gate and historical furniture and new hot game style. We controlled the spacing between the seating area and interactive area. We designed a package about the bar branding. We used a exaggerate art drawing in the partition wall .These kinds of processing re-born our client and site.


design can be change the worlds.

my design workshop "zinc studio"is focus on the user need and visitor experience in our design.finally each project has their own story.

Our vision is "Zinc is a mineral that is essential to vision and taste."

interior design is not only how to decorate and drawing.