A city within a building - handicraft market & studio

Lead DesignerAnthonyNg
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

In any highly densified city, public housings and retail stores are gradually re-located in more removed area where opportunities are hardly accessed. Meanwhile, the huge international brands are easily found in the high floating population city. On the other hand, the traditional brands is disappeared by globalization that affect the people minds

the thesis project is to reconsider the traditional handicrafts by careful analysis of the formal and informal handicraft conditions through which a new vision in urban planning and interior architecture of a landmark project for Nan Fung original cotton mill. It could deal with the dynamics of the designer & handicraft insider needs in Hong Kong.

the thesis focuses on how to form the small-scale community base on the exploration of design development. The concept is inspired by a history of shanghai called Nong Tang which is a style of housing in mid-1960s where widely used in the landscape architecture.