Arrow Electronics

Lead DesignerShin Ng & Mo Wong
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The design based around a particular planning, A special planning was designed by a new schematic design package contains a simple layout. "Infinity connection", a simple lighting rig and fresh mood, creating an intense focus for the office.

In the words of the entrants. The main concept come from our client. Arrow, is a electronics development company. Many brainstorming was inspired by the original logo, which use nine pieces of V-shape to combine together. Because of different kind of department in one company, we hope that some elements of the logo can use in our design, like the smooth curve, the different size of degree. This idea is circuit board as part as different kinds of department, it creates a many cooperation by each group, in which provide a chance for client and staff to experience this package.


design can be change the worlds.

my design workshop "zinc studio"is focus on the user need and visitor experience in our design.finally each project has their own story.

Our vision is "Zinc is a mineral that is essential to vision and taste."

interior design is not only how to decorate and drawing.