Peak Resort Villas

Lead DesignerLim Kee Hua
Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / Other Architectural Designs
Entry Description

These villas are situated on a mountain top in Xiamen, China. Each villa is design as a morphing vestibule that projects towards the scenery. The morph symbolises a transformational experience. It contrast the natural context with the comfort of the furnished interior.

Bamboos are intentionally planted to puncture the form and skylights are used abundantly to leak the changing sunlight, created by the canopy of surrounding trees, into the interior to create an atmosphere that is contextual and concurrently dissolving the from. The cantilevered ends of each villa is fully glazing to create an experience of “sleeping in air amidst the trees”!

The staircase, visualised as an extension of the timber floor dissipating down leading to an open platform with a pool and waterfall. These waterfalls are intentionally orchestrated to create a “symphony of waterfalls” along the buggy tracks that leads resort guests up to the villas.