Threaded Ed.19 'The Cultural Capital Issue'

Lead DesignerKyra Clarke & Fiona Grieve
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Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Print Editorial
Entry Description

Threaded is a publication that showcases the work of artists & designers and the process and thinking that sits behind what we see. Each edition poses a theme that acts as a content and visual framework to unify sections and contributions.

Threaded has a multi dimensional audience as it is the intersection of creative industries and educational sector. It is the meeting of these audiences that uniquely positions the project. Threaded readers are passionate about the expanding field of creative practices. This well-designed publication nurtures the creative spark within us all.

Threaded Ed.19 is your guide to our collective creative, cultural capital, which is something even more than a city of the mind. So for this Cultural Capital edition of Threaded, fasten your seatbelts and travel safely in your electric-blue hovercar on the way to prosperity junction, through the dream city of the mind.