The Wing Sofa

Lead DesignerShosha Kamal
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The first product design ever documented in the history of mankind belonged to the civilization of the Pharaohs.. They designed beds, sofas, tables and chairs.. However, unlike any other design style, the Pharaonic design style was never developed throughout the years to match our contemporary world.. The last pharaonic design style furniture piece was done 4000 years BC!
The Wing Sofa, is the first ever attempt in design to save this great design heritage from extinction.. Inspired by Nekhbet, the Vulture Goddess and one of the two patron deities of Ancient Egypt.. Nekhbet was usually depicted hovering with her wings holding and eternal symbol of protection.. The Sofa was designed to bring back the glory of Ancient Egypt and blend it into our modern world in a contemporary designed 3 seaters sofa..