Résidences de Rougemont

Lead DesignerPlusDesign
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
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Situated in a region of idyllic beauty and Alpine tradition, near the world-famous Gstaad, the Résidences de Rougemont were designed for a sophisticated clientele.
Each apartment has a customized layout: pure lines and handpicked natural materials are combined with glass surfaces, in a contemporary and warm reinterpretation of the alpine chic.
The apartments take advantage of the ample light and stunning views on the landscape, the visual interaction and the sense of harmony between the internal and the external inspired throughout the project.
Salvaged lumber from old Swiss chalets and large reclaimed stone blocks, are paired with clean-lined furniture, generous glass surfaces and contemporary lighting.
Dark solid marble surfaces and large portions of rough-textured walls provide the right amount of contrast with wood.
Wool, linen, leather and sumptuous pelts, form a cohesive play of tones and textures inspired by nature and enhance the sense of harmony and relaxed elegance.


Originally from Rome, the architects Claudia Sigismondi and Andrea Proto have opened a new office in the Gstaad region in 2012, with our company Plusdesign.
Our past experiences include major renovation projects in Rome, Tuscany and Sicily, as well as many exhibitions in museums and galleries in Italy and abroad, until the most recent works in Switzerland.

Our portfolio includes the artistic direction and the technical realisation of major temporary exhibitions in historical buildings and intituitional sites,: this explains our being focused on the historical context as well as on creativity and innovative solutions.

We work through every stage of the design process, from concept to completion, developing the idea from mood boards, freehand sketches and 2D drawings to photorealistic 3D renderings and custom designed details.
In our vision, every project is different: no matter what scale or budget, the common intent is to enhance the space, developing its potential and bringing out its qualities, while fulfilling the client’s expectations.

Our multidisciplinary approach to work is a guideline in our projects, with Claudia Sigismondi bringing her visions in terms of atmosphere, mood and colour and Andrea Proto turning them into reality with his space planning skills, technical know-how and attention to detail.
The goal is finding a balance between timeless elegance and contemporary flair, combining sustainable materials and traditional craftsmanship with innovative design
solutions and creative decor.

Plusdesign has access to consultation services of leading companies in the field of architecture and design. Projects are often developed in cooperation with artists, designers and photographers; with custom made solutions realised by highly skilled manufacturers.