David Quotes

Lead DesignerDavide Mancini
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Quotes never come alone. They always come with the character of who says them. David Ogilvy founded one of the most famous advertising companies in the world and his spirit still lives in every office. This type exploration, made for Ogilvy & Mather Milan, intends to recall his distinctive point of view and his unique tone of voice to all our clients and creatives. This 4 quotes are made by vinyl film serigraphy print placed on wall.


Davide is a capable art director that loves to express himself through ideas. He made crafting one of his best weapons. Has a clean and minimal style that is a distinctive mark in every piece of work he creates. Always fighting mediocrity, he tries to give a fresh and disruptive point of view in any project. As a creative believes that staying at the edge is vital and just focusing in being right is brutally boring. Davide is also a passionate musician and a budding calligrapher, loves to move into different fields of visual arts by exploring and experimenting. Always.