Less is a bore

Lead DesignerAnita Huang
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Open island table, transforms dining space to a party and cooking space! The kitchen with white geometric lines and black body in the island area, forming an open regional landmark and visual focus, by conducting the visual continuity with the base, the use of mediums and overlays, to elaborate a sustaining, comfortable and casual lifestyle. Giving the quietness and warmness with a modest style that hidden in the city, natural and full of imagination.

Breaking down the barriers of existing indoor pattern, adopted the view from the aspect of humanities, life individuality, duplex multiple considerations, the design with lines, facade, overlapping, via the solid wood mediums features and expressions, to pay the intimacy of devout attitude to the nature, so that the space is more copious and vibrant.


Mushi Interior Design is a company that respects the taste and needs in life of each our owner.
We specialize in the relation of proportion, and ideal matching colors and materials, to compose the exceptional style and characteristics of space. We also detach from the existing regional division rules but take consideration of dwellers’ needs and pay attention to the corresponding interaction between building environment and the nature of the field.
Interior design for me is pre-thinking and a planning method for accomplishing perfect life. And my design style can be defined as mixed modernism.