Amazing Banquet Hall, Chun-Ho

Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Design concept came from an idea that space is only realized through events.
There are two kinds of events; one is passive, the other active. The former offers each participant a surrounding spatial experience derived from the wedding ceremony. The latter invites each guest to participant in the wedding activity as if they are the ones who actually perform the shows.
The space is not a sequential experience from one space to the next but rather this is a space with a fully packed experience ranging from the visual to the acoustic.
1.Public lounge: The entire commercial space is divided into three quarters: the lounge,a wedding hall and service space.
2.Banquet Hall:The banquet hall is a theater where the wedding ceremony is performed.
the most important thing was that the designer needed to make sure the quality of the construction was right and satisfied the client.


Management concepts

When humanity, art, and daily life are intimately connected with space, a space is no longer just a container for living or extensive usage, but a story rich with the art of living and passion. Combine and integrate space aesthetics and functionality vocabulary to create a dialogue status in daily life and space; the affective interaction and story of humanity produced in users and space containers which were transformed by redefined space.
By granting a design its true practicality via the application of theories, experimentation, and creativity, DAJ-design Inc. is able to balance reality and aesthetics in its on-going process of creation to inject daily life with imagination brought by creative designs. As a professional expert, DAJ-design Inc. integrates design process and construction quality into range of design with different properties according to years of experience in practice and design to provide a professional design service and construction works.