Scroll Hut

Lead DesignerHiroyuki Futai
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

This project is a self-build pavilion on campus. Responding to the light, it shows unique morphing between different geometries. One is the fern, biological swirl form, and the other is the roof, architectural triangular form. These traditional design motifs seamlessly merge into a livable architecture by using today's electronic technologies.


Hiroyuki Futai, a qualified architect and a professor in Architectural Design, Musashino University, Tokyo, specializes in the theoretical and practical application of digital media in architectural design. EP3 is a design team directed by him at the school. The members are graduates and students of the school. They have been striving for experimental projects, focusing on temporary architecture, environmental design and media art since 2005. Their works have been exhibited at various design events and arts festivals both inside and outside of JAPAN, and received numerous awards in spatial design category.