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Enfold: Smart Transformation

Lead DesignersHelen Koo
Prize(s)Gold in Textile And Materials / New Materials, Gold in Textile And Materials / Textile Design
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Entry Description

Clothes that are easy to put on and take off will increase the independence and quality of life for people with movement disorders by respecting their dignity. Various techniques and materials were explored to develop transformable smart textiles. Enfold can be as transformable as a living creature, and people can automatically put the garment on and take it off by simply pressing a button. Enfold is a transformable smart textiles applied cloth that folds and envelops the wearer using origami folding with shape memory alloy (SMA) to assist those who have trouble dressing by allowing the garment to wrap around, lengthen the sleeves, close and open the fasteners, and adjust the back panels. aThese types of clothes are expected to be beneficial for people with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and also for populations with other body movement disorders and elderly people.