Invisible Logic

Lead Designer
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Clients are a family of four includes two sons aged 20s and 30s. The project brief called for 3 bedrooms, sleeping 4-5 people, a home office for the 20s son, hosting 15-20 for dinner, a comfort washroom and a massive storage, all within 45 m2.

To fulfill all the satisfactions, the ambiguity space includes a living room, a dining area and 2 bedrooms under the design concept --- Blurred Boundaries. Sliding partitions transform in response to different needs and provides a variety of spatial experiences defined by panels and curtains. The sons’ rooms are merged while a open space is needed for gathering dinner, party, or enjoying movie. The private zones set up for brothers as individual rooms or as twin bedroom for different scenarios. The project is an exploration of minimizing furniture and squeezing space with the key words: expanding, folding and multi-purpose which reveals Hong Kong living culture.