Lead DesignerKrystyna Stavska
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Duplex Penthouse for men, designed in the style of Cubism. Located in Kiev, Ukraine.
Strict combination of black and white comes into confrontation with the endless metamorphoses of geometric shapes. A strong stance landlord I have expressed in the infinity of wave oscillations, using the fluidity of form, as the basis.
On the ground floor there is a master bedroom, a lounge area, a huge bathroom with separate shower and bath, and a dressing room and a guest wardrobe. The balcony was converted into a jacuzzi with fabulous views of the River Dnieper.
The second floor is dedicated to receiving guests. Functional hidden kitchen, spacious lounge. Before terrace is a wine bar, decorated actively mirrored panels.
The uniqueness of the interior, has been solved at the expense of a textile panels in the bedroom, and gypsum panels on the second floor, and the sculpture of metallic balls.


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