Ypasa Finishes Market

Lead DesignerJuan Carlos Baumgartner
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Finishes Market by Grupo YPASA seeks to reinvent the finishes market in Mexico, establishing itself as the most important specification center of the country, integrating FIBRAi, a series of companies working together to provide a comprehensive service to the world of architecture and construction.
Its new Showroom and offices invite you to live a new series of experiences through the use of different environments, exploring the use of colors, textures, materials, where light, form and technology play an important role in the use of the space encouraging creativity and boosting the productivity of those who are part of the company.
Novel, inspirational, unique, different, comprehensive, professional and comfortable were the guiding design principles, under the philosophy of generating a space created to unite ideas and design signature styles.