TaiKoo Hui Sustainable Design Washroom

Lead DesignerIda Sze & Billy Chan
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Sustainable Living/Green
Entry Description

A bright grotto – a contemporary abstraction of nature – to refresh shoppers amidst delicate garments and dazzling commodities, is our design concept for this underground washroom.

Situated in the commercial center of Guangzhou, the TaiKoo Hui shopping mall receives tens of thousands of visitors daily, and its amenity facilities require an upgrade. The sustainable design washroom aims to raise the environmental awareness in the public realm and to become the role model of sustainability in the commercial & retail sector. Sustainability, spatial sculpting and human comfort drive the whole design.

White and ‘cyclorama’ setting is applied to give a bright and clean ambient – walls join the ceiling seamlessly and smoothly with curved surfaces, to diffuse light for plants to duo-function as general lighting.

The washroom applies a variety of recycled materials and sustainable equipment, including terrazzo flooring, GRG wall & ceiling system, an integrated water tap cum hand dryer product, etc.