Yung Kee Restaurant

Lead DesignerWilliam Lim
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

One of the most historic and famous Hong Kong restaurant dating back to the 1940’s requires an update to renew its license. This is also an opportunity to update its services by incorporating a retail corner, more efficient traffic flow and a younger, more friendly atmosphere. Featuring its roast duck window, ham corner, entrance doors, the modernist grand stair with vintage hand cast tiles, the pond and scholar statue, all these must be retained as part of the restaurant’s and Hong Kong’s heritage. The vintage hand cast ceramic tiles was remade to become the unify motif for the restaurant. Research into the history of the restaurant warrants recreation of 3 booths seating displaced in the previous renovation. A retail shop is created with a long taste testing table. Dining ambience is greatly enhanced without compromising the restaurant’s unique heritage.